“When I resumed painting, after a period of immersion in computer art experimenting with 3D, virtual reality, interactive installations and sensors, I found that these experiences changed my painting.
Technology triggers and multiplies the creative process.
The worlds of abstraction and imagery became more solid, heavier, more detailed. While one may not find direct pictorial references, there are other more subtle, less easily observed connections.
There is complexity, different perspectives, interaction, coincidences, time, space, three-dimensionality and symmetry.”

“My recent black and white works contain my vision of the world.
At some point, the work began to dictate its own rules.
What I had left was the pleasure of seeing it grow.
What I tried to do was to create biological works, or rather plausible biological simulations”.

“Each piece took more than a year. Some even took seven years.
Whenever I happened to look at it, it seemed I was looking at it with a different eye. I saw some things I had not noticed before.
Then I deepened and confirmed them while sometimes, other mutations were lost”.

My influence in this kind of work process is Leonardo who taught that working slowly, with great care and attention can lead to an unfinished work or, it can happen, as with the Mona Lisa, that it allows a smile to contain so many emotions that even after five hundred years, the artwork is still a generator of information.”

Milano - January, 2010

Mario Canali